2019 news

July news

Spilsby Show 6 (14th July)
Last weekend Paula Downing & Felicity Berry were of the 107 who crossed the finish line at the 2019 Spilsby Show 6 mile road race which has been taking place annually as part of the show since July 1998. Originally planned as a fun run, it has grown into a fully affiliated race well respected by athletes not only from across the county but further afield. Another hot day for running but both of our ladies were not only award winners but achieved PB’s too:
Paula  – 6th – 39m 48s – (2nd female)
Felicity – 94th – 65m 25s – (1st FV70)
Felicity joined us on our Couch to 5k programme a couple of years ago so how utterly proud we are of her determined performances.
(A picture of our ladies with their awards attached below)
As in previous years, the winner was Mark Sands (Skegness & District Running Club) in 33m 37s
The 1st female was Natalie Burns (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 36m 26s (4th overall)
Cleethorpes Parkrun (13th July)
Parkrun, the free-to-enter, casual but timed 5km events held in parks and green areas all over the UK and around the world.
Regulars, Sharon Margarson & Elaine Wilson were (not for the first time) joined by Sharon’s sons Martyn & Harry who were of 249 finishers. They gave great performances on the paths through the Cleethorpes Country Park recently:
Martyn – 22nd – 21m 30s (4th parkrun) (PB)
Harry – 34th – 22m 08s (3rd parkrun)
Sharon – 88th – 25m 37s (9th parkrun)
Elaine – 146th – 28m 16s (9th parkrun)
For more information about Parkrun, visit their website:
Winterton Show 10 Mile Road Race (7th July)
The 147th Winterton Agricultural Show took place at their village showground earlier in July. This race has been running for over 25 years and is a popular event (one of many at the agricultural show). The 10 miles around surrounding countryside with no hills or steep inclines on road or paved paths. The main difficulty is the hot weather to contend with.
Of the 176 who took part, it was a very good day for a trio of Mablethorpe Running Club ladies as they all achieved 10 mile PB’s (Personal Bests) and another win for Paula:
Paula Downing – 31st – 1h 06m 51s (1st female)!
Zoe Parkes – 122nd – 1h 29m 37s
Diane Holmes – 175th – 2h 14m 45s
(Pictures attached below, Paula with her prizes and Diane & Zoe with her daughter Sia who completed the fun run)
The winner was Ben Sadowyj (Barton & District AC) in 54m 50s
The Brianplant ‘Sting In The Tail’ Caistor 10k (7th July)
Now in its’ eighth year, Caistor Running Club have been hosting their annual challenge, a tough 10k loop race in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, although entirely on the roads starting & finishing in Caistor town centre. The ‘Sting In The Tail’ course has a tad over 300ft of climbing. With all of the places sold out this year, the race organisers had a plentiful supply of beer and sausages waiting for the finishers.
Despite the summer heat, 579 athletes ran the course.
Five ladies from Mablethorpe RC were there:
Debbie Jinks – 304th – 55m 56s
Andrea Mettam – 321st – 56m 48s
Sharon Margarson – 433rd – 62m 35s
Elaine Wilson – 434th – 62m 36s
Felicity Berry – 517th – 69m 38s
(Photos of our ladies at the race attached below).
The race was won by Will Strangeway (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 31m 51s.
The 1st female to finish was Claire Cooney (unaffiliated) in 40m 39s (28th overall).
Here’s Andrea, Debbie, Elaine and Sharon
And here, in arty black & white, are Felicity, Andrea and Debbie
Boston Parkrun (6th July)
Sarah Stevenson & Katrina Needham were among the 163 runners taking on the trail paths through Witham Way Country Park. Although they have both taken part in 2 previous parkruns, this was their debut at Boston).
Sarah ran 31m 02s and Katrina ran 32m 07s.
Cleethorpes Parkrun (6th July)
Nigel Booth was one of the 194 runners at the Cleethorpes Country Park this weekend.
He completed his eighth parkrun in 26m 20s.
For more information about Parkrun, visit their website:
June news
Parkrun – June results
Our members attend and report on Parkrun frequently as Parkruns are now something of a global phenomenon.
The free-to-enter, casual but timed 5km events held in parks and green areas across the UK (and all over the world) organised & staffed entirely by volunteers to encourage the public of all ages & abilities to engage in physical activity.
Here are our members’ latest results:
Boston (01/06)
Paula Downing was among the 153 runners on the leafy, tarmac & muddy trail paths through the Witham Way Country Park.
This was her debut Parkrun, she was 1st female in 20m 22s.
Cleethorpes 01/06
Three Mablethorpe runners were among the 224 runners at the Cleethorpes Country Park:
Sharon Margarson – 26m 18s
Nigel Booth – 26m 30s
Elaine Wilson – 27m 43s
Cleethorpes 08/06
Janine Stones was one of the 217 who took part, crossing the finish line in 21m 48s.
Cleethorpes 15/06
Of the 265 who ran that weekend, regular attenders Sharon Margarson & Elaine Wilson:
Sharon – 25m 22s
Elaine – 27m 50s
Cleethorpes 29/06
Back again Janine Stones was the 1st female to finish of the 256 runners in total, her time was 21m 28s.
Here are photos of Janine, Elaine and Sharon at earlier races (sorry, we don’t have any for this month’s runs)
Grimsthorpe Gallop 10 Mile (23rd June)
The Grimsthorpe Gallop hosted by SBR Events was popular for the 3rd year running with hundreds of participants on four trail run events on the same day:
A family friendly 5k, a longer challenge of 10k, even longer with 10 miles or a half marathon route also.
Set in the beautiful grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle in the delightfully charming Lincolnshire countryside close to Bourne, these perfect summer races are suitable for all ages and abilities.
Paula Downing was of the 128 entrants in the 10 mile run. Yet another phenomenal performance by Paula as she crossed the finish line in 1h 11m 24s, 1st female, 3rd overall within 2 and a half minutes of the first two:
The winner was Mark Page (Sleaford Striders AC) in 1h 09m 11s.
2nd was Mark Preston (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 1h 10s 17s.
No pictures of Paula from this race, so here’s one of her previous events.
Grantham Summer Solstice 10k (21st June)
A few weeks ago Andrea Mettam & Debbie Jinks made their annual return to Grantham Running Club’s Summer Solstice 10k which takes place in the evening of the longest day of the year. The duo from Mablethorpe RC are not strangers to the course as they have completed it in previous years.
In 2019, they were of the 846 who crossed the finish line on this fairly flat course with just 33m of ascent and 33m of descent. The start & finish is from Long Bennington and takes in the villages of Woodside & Staunton in the Vale returning on a loop to race HQ.
Debbie was 345th – 52m 34s.
Andrea was 501st – 57m 50s.
(No photo from this year’s race but attached below is a photo of Debbie & Andrea at the Summer Solstice 2018).
The winner was Aaron Scott (currently unaffiliated) in 30m 52s.
The first female was Sarah Chynoweth (Grantham RC) in 40m 57s. (69th overall).
Doncaster Half Marathon (9th June)
Curly’s Athletes in collaboration with Club Doncaster Foundation, The Wildlife Trusts, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, UK Athletics and Get Doncaster Moving were the organisers of the 2019 Doncaster Half Marathon.
Starting and finishing at the Keepmoat Stadium on a journey out of Doncaster back to the original start line from 1982 in the amazing community of Rossington before returning to a spectacular stadium finish with hundreds of spectators to cheer the runners in.
Of the 1239 successful finishers, Paula Downing secured a well earned personal best with another phenomenal run – 3rd female/1st Vet 50 woman/63rd overall in 1h 28m 48s.
The winner was Jonny Reep (unattached) in 1h 14m 32s.
The 1st female was Tina Wilson (Real Fitness Race Team) in 1h 24m 35s (30th overall).

Woodhall Spa 10k (2nd June)

Organised by local volunteers, the Woodhall Spa 10k is a non-profit event which has established itself as one of the premier runs in the region with athletes coming from not only the Midlands but from across the entire country to compete on this flat course through the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.

For many many years, it has been a favourite event for Mablethorpe RC runners:
Of the 1136 finishers, 8 Mablethorpe athletes finished as follows:
1039th – Katrina Needham – 77m 49s
1000th – Louise Willey – 73m 53s
951st – Helen Rice-Mundy – 70m 33s
810th – Sarah Stevenson – 75m 32s
611th – Guy Willey – 59m 08s
593rd – Andrea Mettam – 58m 31s
558th – Debbie Jinks – 57m 49s
419th – Zoe Parkes – 54m 10s
(Mablethorpe RC finish team photo attached below).
The winner was Callum Hallam (unattached) – finish time – 23m 41s.
The 1st Female to finish was Liz McTernan (unattached) – finish time – 35m 37s (3rd overall).
Additionally, Cara Dixon, Diane Holmes & Felicity Berry took part in the Woodhall 3km Fun Run, as such the results are not known but they thoroughly enjoyed taking part.
May news
Bolingbroke Breaker 10k (29th May)
Skegness & District Running Club are hosts to the Bolingbroke Breaker series of races consisting of two 10k’s and one 8 mile race. The first of 2019 was the tough but nevertheless popular multi-terrain 10k starting and finishing in the village of Old Bolingbroke near Spilsby which brought in 108 runners, mostly from the region.
Flying the flag for Mablethorpe Running Club was Paula Downing who, as always, gave an exceptional performance as she crossed the finish line in 42m 25s/13th/2nd female overall.
The winner was, as last year, Mark Sands (Skegness & District RC) in a mere 35m 38s.
The 1st female was Natalie Burns (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 39m 04s (6th overall).
The Bolingbroke Breaker 8 miler is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 26th June and the 10k will be on Wednesday 24th July.
Liverpool Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon / Half Marathon / 5k (25&26th May)
The so-called “Rock ‘N’ Roll” events are festivals of running which take place in various cities around the world and Liverpool is, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular of all. This event attracts every type of runner from professional & amateur athletes to charity & fancy dress runners with many different reasons for participation.
All races take in many of the city sights going out through the city centre and returning along the River Mersey to the finish on Kings Parade.
For 2019, it was a rainy day but that did nothing to dampen the party-like atmosphere nor the tremendous crowd support as thousands of runners and equally thousands of spectators took to the streets.
From Mablethorpe RC, 10 competitors:
Andrea Mettam – 4h 54m 03s
Debbie Jinks – 4h 54m 01s
Zoe Parkes – 4h 41m 54s
Half Marathon
Diane Holmes 3h 02m 39s
Selina Elson 2h 44m 35s
Cara Dixon 2h 39m 45s
Helen Rice-Mundy 2h 36m 07s
Louise Willey 2h 36m 07s
Andrew Elson 2h 17m 50s
Debbie Kew 32m 39s
Here’s some of the gang, undaunted by the weather.


 Click’em Inn 5 Mile Race (22nd May)
Paula Downing was the only runner representing Mablethorpe RC at the first of the Clickem Inn series of road races held on summer evenings at Swinhope near Grimsby hosted by Wolds Veteran Runners Club.
As the name of the race suggests, it is possible due to the hospitality of the Click’em Inn publicans where fabulous nutritious homemade food and refreshments are available.
The 5 mile route brought in 176 runners to the area.
Paula gave another determined effort which gave her a place she is very familiar with – 1st female – (21st overall) in 32m 47s.
(Photos attached below by Steve Green)
The winner was Ryan Page (Lincoln Wellington AC) who finished in 27m 29s.
Dereham 10 Mile Road Race (12th May)
Dereham Runners have been hosts to this event for several years.
For 2019, Felicity Berry was of the 516 runners who took to the streets in the Norfolk town on a warm but breezy day in May.
Felicity ran the out-and-back loop course in 2h 02m 50s which is particulalry impressive as Felicity only took up running in the past 2 years and was undeterred by starting in the V65+ race category. She came to Mablethorpe Running Club on the Couch-to-5k programme so we are very proud of her, as she should be of herself.
(Picture attached below of Felicity crossing the finish line).
Wolds Dash Series 2019, Race 1 (8th May)
The 2019 (36th) series of the Wolds Dash is now underway. Hosted by Louth AC, these off-road runs take place at the Hubbard’s Hills recreational area to the West of town on summer evenings.
The 1st of 2019’s races brought close to 150 athletes across all age groups to the area, 5 of them were from Mablethorpe Running Club:
Senior/Veteran Males (7.13km)
Joseph Rice-Mundy – 32m 11s
Guy Willey – 39m 19s
Senior/Veteran Females (7.13km):
Paige Midgley – 34m 18s
Andrea Mettam – 42m 16s
Helen Rice-Mundy – 47m 35s
The second Wolds Dash was cancelled due to the exceptional amount of rain which flooded the Hubbard’s Hills so is due to be rescheduled at some point in the future.
North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe) Half Marathon (5th May)
Organised by the small team at Tape2Tape (Nicola & Neil, both runners themselves).
For the 8th year this extremely popular race continues to attract runners from all over the country and other nationalities too who come over to take part.
Starting from Quibell Park leaving Scunthorpe this extremely flat course on mainly closed roads follows alongside much of the Trent River Bank through the villages of Messingham, East Butterwick & Burringham.
Usually temperatures here are in the mid-twenty degrees. However, we seem to be experiencing a much colder than usual snap this weekend – it was unseasonal, barely 15 degrees!
Of the 1545 finishers of this years North Lincs Half, a quartet of ladies from Mablethorpe RC:
Paula Downing : 1h 29m 25s (141st)
Zoe Parkes : 1h 53m 37s (734th)
Debbie Jinks : 2h 00m 26s (961st)
Andrea Mettam : 2h 04m 26s (1027th)
Photos attached below of, left to right, Debbie, Zoe & Andrea (sorry, no photo of Paula).
The winner was William Strangeway (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 1h 07m 53s.
The 1st female was Laura Kaye (Lincoln Wellington AC) in a time of 1h 23m 01s (50th overall).

April news

Boston Half Marathon (UK) (14th April)

This was the 4th year of the Boston Marathon (UK) which is arranged to run around the same time as the world famous Boston Marathon over in the US. The Boston Marathon (UK) also incorporates a half marathon and a 5k fun run. By no means the thousands of competitors as in the USA, but the event was, once again, sold out with 635 successful finishers in the full marathon, 563 completed the half marathon and 109 in the fun run.
It was made possible due to the year of preparation by the Boston Marathon Association Committee, a small army of volunteers & marshals along with sponsors Boston Seeds, Lidl, Drayton Motors plus many many more.
For the half marathon, starting from the Market Place out towards Freiston, Butterwick and Freiston Shore heading back to Boston via Fishtoft and Skirbeck for the finish.
The 5k route was the same route but a little under 2km out before circumnavigating Skirbeck for the return leg of a further 2km.
Mablethorpe Running Club did not have any entrants in the full marathon this year but one of our ladies completed the half and another did the 5k:
Paula Downing had taken some time out to recover from injuries but no sign of any lapse of ability as she gave yet another sterling performance finishing 48th in 1h 32m 35s/1st FV50.
The race was won by Sean Fitzpatrick (Kent AC) in 1h 13m 04s.
The 1st female was Emma Hodson (Oxford Uni) (12th overall) in 1h 21m 34s.
Felicity Berry (who joined us on the Couch to 5k programme a couple of years ago) continues to go the distance. She was of the 109 who completed the 5k. She had a great run, we are very proud that Felicity was 38th in 34m 22s/1st FV60.
The 5k winner was Carl Endersby (unattached) in 22m 19s.
The 1st female was Paige Elding (unattached) (5th overall) in 24m 12s.
Friskney Half Marathon (14th April)
More locally a much smaller but long running event, the 21st Friskney Half Marathon hosted by Boston & District AC took place this Sunday. The number of entrants is sadly on the decline but it is a fabulous local race with tea & homemade cakes in the village hall afterwards. Always 2 weeks before the London Marathon, the quiet rural roads in lovely scenery of the Lincolnshire flatlands. Most of the course is exposed to the elements and although it is the middle of April this year we were hampered by bitterly cold winds.
Of the 45 finishers, 4 were from Mablethorpe RC plus local veteran runner, Vivienne Martin from Sutton On Sea:
Zoe Parkes was leading the Club back, a determined effort, 19th in 1h 56m 57s.
Roger Blake’s first half marathon of 2019, he was quite happy with 24th in 1h 59m 27s.
Debbie Jinks overcame sickness finishing the course 19th in 2h 03m 31s.
Andrea Mettam for her fourth year in a row, another course best, 34th in 2h 04m 01s.
Vivienne Martin (unattached) next, 35th in 2h 05m 14s which awarded her a trophy as 1st FV55.
Here’s Roger, Zoe, Viv, Debbie and Andrea after the race
And here’s Viv with her trophy for 1st FV55
The winner was Chris Cope (Boston & District AC) in 1h 12m 07s.
The 1st female was Rebecca Witton (Bushfield Joggers) in 1h 43m 46s (10th overall).
ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon (7th April)
Last weekend the streets of Manchester were buzzing with a carnival-like atmosphere as thousands of spectators were there to support the 13,672 runners that took on the 43rd ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon. Of the those that started, 13,372 crossed the finish line and of those finishers, Sharon Margarson & Elaine Wilson were there for the fourth year in a row, both running for their chosen charities: Alzheimer’s Society & Anthony Nolan respectively.
The Greater Manchester Marathon claims to the flattest (and friendliest) marathon course in the UK, with only 54 metres (177 ft) of elevation. A parade atmosphere, great entertainment throughout, outstanding crowd support and a glorious finish at Manchester United Football Club. The start leaves White City and passes a number of famous Manchester landmarks then it winds its’ way through Trafford Park, Stretford, Sale, Timperley, Altrincham and Urmston returning via Stretford for the spectacular finish.
The dedicated duo did themselves, their charities and Mablethorpe Running Club proud:
Sharon was back in 4h 49m 59s.
Elaine crossed the finish line in 5h 14m 29s.
(Picture attached of Elaine & Sharon below with their superb medals after the race).

March news

Gainsborough Morton Striders 10k (24th March)
Organised annually by Gainsborough Morton Striders AC, the eighth running of this 10k was dedicated in the honour & memory of Helen Robinson, a much respected GMS athlete who sadly recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. There was a minutes applause at exactly 09:58 starting at the front to celebrate the life of Helen.
Highly regarded as one of the most popular 10k’s in England due to the flat closed roads increasing the possibility of a PB. There were 830 finishers who completed the anti-clockwise route on countryside roads from Morton to East Stockwith, Walkerith and back to the finish line in Morton.
Two Mablethorpe RC ladies were there; Sarah Stevenson & Katrina Needham:
Sarah finished in 65m 03s
Katrina crossed the line in 69m 10s
(Picture attached below of our contented runners Sarah & Katrina post race with their medals).
The winner was Rob Payne (Caistor Running Club) in 32m 45s.
The 1st female was Laura Wilkinson (Lincoln Wellington AC) in 36m 06s (8th overall).
Cleethorpes Parkrun (23rd March) 
Free-to-enter, casual but timed 5km events held in parks and green areas across the UK organised & staffed entirely by volunteers to encourage the public of all ages & abilities to engage in physical activity.
Janine Stones got a group of Mablethorpe runners together (many of them first timers) for her birthday celebration in the form of a parkrun!
Of the 264 runners at Cleethorpes Country Park this weekend, 11 were from Mablethorpe RC:
Janine was, as per, on exceptional form. She was the first female to cross the finish line in 20m 28s (10th overall).
Followed by:
Guy Willey: 25m 36s
Nigel Booth: 26m 54s
Debbie Jinks: 27m 13s
Andrea Mettam: 27m 14s
Andy Stones: 27m 46s
Phoebe Willey: 30m 05s
Helen Rice-Mundy: 32m 52s
Louise Willey: 33m 00s
Felicity Berry: 36m 14s
Jeanette Phoenix-Bratkowski: 36m 14s
(Picture attached below).
For more information about Parkrun, visit their website:
The Vitality Big Half (10th March)
After their inaugural event success last year, The Vitality Big Half took place earlier this month aiming to be, once again, a global but uniquely local celebration of the wonderful cultural diversity of the great city of London.
Around 20,000 people participated in the 13.1 mile race which starts by Tower Bridge and finishes at the iconic Cutty Sark. Participants were supported every step of the way from the thousands of cheering crowds and live music along the route.
Sharon Margarson & Elaine Wilson were there in 2018 and returned for the 2019 event. They ran the course together (as they more often than not do) and were running for their chosen charities; The British Heart Foundation and Epilepsy Action respectively.
They knocked over 8 minutes off last year’s time of VBH in 2h 21m 52s & 2h 21m 53s
(Picture attached of Elaine & Sharon in their charity vests pre-race).
Boston Parkrun (9th March)
Boston parkrun is held on the leafy tarmac & muddy trail paths through the Witham Way Country Park, of 137 runners Janine Stones enjoyed yet more success as she was first female to cross the finish line in 21m 26s (6th overall).
Cleethorpes Parkrun (2nd March)
Held at Cleethorpes Country Park earlier in March, there were 256 runners.
Of them, Janine Stones was the second female in 20m 39s (7th overall).
Not only was this Janine’s 50th Parkrun in varied locations but she also completed the very first Cleethorpes Parkrun when it began back in May 2014! On that day she ran 19m 56s setting the inaugural VW40-45 record, which remained the record for 4 years!
She has run 19 of the 50 Cleethorpes parkruns at the Country Park.
(Picture attached below).
Presentation of cheques from our 2018 East Coast Classic event
On Sunday 3rd March a few Mablethorpe Running Club members were delighted to hand over cheques from the profits of our annual 10k race to the RNLI and to athlete Liz McTernan.
In the words of our Chairman, Wayne Kew:
“We’re quite a small running club, with fewer than 50 members. We’ve been organising the 10k race for 10 years. We like to ‘give something back’ to the community and what better way than by donating to the RNLI and top local athlete (and world champion ‘iron man’ triathlete) Liz McTernan. We raised £1600 in last year’s race, so are donating £800 each to RNLI and Liz”.
Please see the photographs attached below.
Couch To 5k programme
Our Couch to 5k project has been in action for a few weeks (see photo below – but remember it will soon be light for the runs). We would like to invite more to come along. Perhaps you are wanting to go out for a steady jog in the company of others? Whatever your reasons, if you have just the slightest interest and/or desire to run, we can help!
*Free for adult beginners
*Couch To 5k Course
*Every Tuesday
*Sutton On Sea Social Club 6.30pm
*Get Fit, Have Fun & Make Friends …
Simply turn up or contact Cara Hockham for any more information:
 February news
Knights Of 7 Lakes Torch 10k (23rd February)
By popular request, Nicola & Neil (the founders of Tape2Tape events) organised a super off road night time 10k race from the fantastic 7 Lakes Country Park near Crowle. Deemed to be an ideal setting to host a head torch race. It has some lovely wooded area, grass tracks and footpaths for all to enjoy.
Of the 203 runners that completed this unique event, Sheryl Hawse & Janine Stones were there representing Mablethorpe and they certainly enjoyed it.
Both finished within the first quarter:
Janine came 18th in 46m 53s (2nd female).
Sheryl was 48th in 51m 18s.
The winner was Thomas Christie (Scunthorpe & District AC) in 39m 41s.
The 1st female was Sarah-Jayne Van den Bos (Barton & District AC) in 45m 56s (16th overall).
The hosts at 7 Lakes organised some lovely soup and a roll for afterwards and there was a fabulous long sleeved technical tee shirt provided for all participants.
The Lincolnshire Runner Cross Country League (10th February)
Match 4 – Ostler’s Plantation
150 runners from 19 clubs across the Lincolnshire & Humber regions took part in the fourth match of Lincolnshire XC which was rescheduled from a cancellation earlier in 2019 due to adverse weather conditions.
Ostler’s Plantation, Woodhall Spa is a Forestry Commission owned woodland area with public access which lies to the west of an open area of heathland, the Kirkby Moor Nature Reserve.
Paula Downing ran in the Senior/Veteran Women category. She was second in her race running 5.76km in 25m 29s.
*This was the final match in this XC series. As Paula had participated in all, she was declared 1st Veteran Female (50) for her overall performance*.
Run Your Heart Out (RYHO) Valentines 10k (10th February)
1600 runners were feeling the LOVE at the first ever race of the ‘Run Your Heart Out’ Valentines 10k organised by Tape2Tape (Nicola & Neil and their team). The weather was kind, maybe a little chilly, but the runners soon warmed up as they set off on this brand new flat and fast course which had an “everyone’s a winner” sensational finish in the Quibell Park Athletic Stadium. Awaiting them on completion was the finish medal and a much deserved Valentine themed cup cake!
Of the 1600, Sharon Margarson from Mablethorpe RC & Vivienne Martin (unaffiliated) were there for the debut run.
Sharon & Viv ran the course together (photo attached below) which they completed 857th/858th positions in 58m 45s.
The winner was Shaun Robinson (unattached) in 30m 53s.
1st female was Gemma Steel (Charnwood AC) in 34m 31s (13th overall).
Market Rasen Racecourse Parkrun (9th February)
Mablethorpe RC runners frequently attend these free-to-enter, casual but timed 5km events held in parks and green areas across the UK (and all over the world) organised & staffed entirely by volunteers to encourage the public of all ages & abilities to engage in physical activity.
Janine Stones & Sheryl (Shez) Hawse along with Ross Kew (unaffiliated) recently made their latest attendance to the Parkrun scene completing the event at Market Rasen Racecourse.
Of exactly 100 finishers:
Janine was 1st female (4th overall) in 21m 55s.
Shez was in the first quarter, 16th in 24m 41s.
Ross made an excellent return to running with a debut Parkrun, he finished 25th in 25m 27s.
(Picture of the trio attached below courtesy of Parkrun).
For more information about Parkrun, visit their website at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/
January news
Lymington Parkrun (5th January)
Our Club members have frequently commended & attended these free-to-enter, casual but timed 5km events held in parks and green areas across the UK (and all over the world) organised & staffed entirely by volunteers to encourage the public of all ages & abilities to engage in physical activity.
Whilst in the New Forest district of Hampshire, Helen Rice-Mundy and her son Joseph recently made their debut to the Parkrun scene completing the event at Lymington.
Of the 97 finishers:
Joseph made an absolutely superb debut finishing 8th in 22m 23s.
Helen also gave a jolly good effort, she was 85th in 34m 39s.
For more information about Parkrun, visit their website at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/
New Year’s Day 10k
Cleethorpes Athletics Club have been hosting the extremely popular New Year’s Day 10k on the town’s promenade for many many years.
New Year’s Day may be for some spent recovering from a night on the town or for others the traditional roast dinner with family. But it was another day at the races for a quintet of dedicated Mablethorpe RC runners.
The promenade was on the receiving end of the onslaught of 413 runners that braved the wintry conditions with bitterly cold winds on this out & back 10k seafront course.
Guy Willey was first back for the club in a time to be proud of  52m 46s.
For Sharon Margarson, her seventh year at the event, finished 3 minutes quicker than in 2018 in 52m 55s.
Elaine Wilson was also back for the seventh year, she was 2 minutes faster than last year in 57m 23s.
Louise Willey next starting her race year with a finish time of exactly 69m 00s.
Helen Rice-Mundy crossed the finish line determined in 77m 12s.
(Pictures from our runners at this 10k attached below. First picture shows Louise and Helen, second picture Elaine, Guy and Sharon).
The winner was Lewis Jagger (Sheffield Running Club) who completed the course in only 30m 19s.
The 1st female was Jo Williams (Lothian RC) in an impressive time of 36m 48s. (16th overall).

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